The transfer of the cash commodity from the seller of a futures contract to the buyer of a futures contract. Each futures exchange has specific procedures for delivery of a cash commodity. Some futures contracts, such as stock index contracts, are cash settled. Chicago Board of Trade glossary
The transportation of a physical commodity (actuals or cash) to a specified destination in fulfillment of a futures contract. The CENTER ONLINE Futures Glossary
The tender and receipt of an actual commodity or financial instrument in settlement of a futures contract. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
The tender and receipt of the actual commodity, or of a delivery instrument covering the commodity, in settlement of a futures contract. Chicago Mercantile Exchange Glossary
The settlement of a futures or options contract via the delivery of a physical asset or cash. Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein financial glossary
The settlement of a futures contract by receipt or tender of a financial instrument. Exchange Handbook Glossary
The seller of the futures contract sends the appropriate cash instrument to the buyer during the futures expiration period or on the specified date( s). The buyer pays the futures price (subject to a price factor adjustment). Some futures contracts, such as stock index futures, are settled by a cash payment rather than by the physical delivery of the asset. LIFFE

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delivery de‧liv‧er‧y [dɪˈlɪvri] noun deliveries PLURALFORM
1. [countable, uncountable] the act or process of bringing goods, letters etc to a particular place or person:

• Deliveries to the restaurant should be made at the back entrance.

• a delivery charge

• They have just taken delivery of (= received ) ten new American fighter jets.

ˌpart deˈlivery [countable]
a delivery of only some of the goods that were ordered
reˌcorded deˈlivery [countable, uncountable]
in Britain, a service provided by the post office where the person who receives a letter or package signs a document to prove to the sender that they have received it:

• The package was sent by recorded delivery .

• a recorded delivery letter

— compare delivery confirmation
ˌspecial deˈlivery [countable, uncountable]
a service that delivers a letter or package very quickly:

• I'd like to send these letters special delivery.

ˌspot deˈlivery also ˌnearby deˈlivery [uncountable] FINANCE
the delivery of Commodities (= oil, metals, farm products etc ) immediately rather than in the future:

• Copper for spot delivery now trades at a discount to copper for 3-month delivery.

2. [uncountable] LAW when a seller officially hands over something, for example a document relating to property or shares, to a buyer — see also advice of delivery, cash before delivery, cash on delivery, general delivery

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delivery UK US /dɪˈlɪvəri/ noun
[C or U] the act of taking goods, letters, parcels, etc. to a place: »

Please allow 14 days for delivery.


mail/parcel/postal delivery


a delivery driver/truck/van

on delivery »

There's a 10% deposit to be paid, and then the balance has to be paid on delivery of the car.

next-day/same-day/overnight delivery »

The company has established links with florists across the UK for a same-day delivery service.


express/free delivery


The supermarket rose to the challenge with cost cuts and successful expansion into internet sales and home delivery.


delivery address/charges/terms


They make two deliveries a day.

[C] an amount of goods received: »

There were several faulty items in the last delivery.

[U] the act of providing a service or supplying something to a customer: »

The new proposals will allow the delivery of high-speed internet access without a phone line.


Providing targeted medical advice over the internet is the highest level yet of what the government calls the electronic delivery of public services.

[U] LAW a situation in which a buyer is given control of something they have bought: »

For a deed to convey ownership, there must be delivery and acceptance.

[U] FINANCE used in the trading of futures to talk about the date when the shares or commodities (= goods) will be available to the buyer: »

The price of gold for December delivery fell 20 cents an ounce.

take delivery of sth — Cf. take delivery of sth
See also CASH BEFORE DELIVERY(Cf. ↑cash before delivery), CASH ON DELIVERY(Cf. ↑cash on delivery), GENERAL DELIVERY(Cf. ↑general delivery), NEARBY DELIVERY(Cf. ↑nearby delivery), NON-DELIVERY(Cf. ↑non-delivery), PART DELIVERY(Cf. ↑part delivery), RECORDED DELIVERY(Cf. ↑recorded delivery), SPECIAL DELIVERY(Cf. ↑special delivery), SPOT DELIVERY(Cf. ↑spot delivery)

Financial and business terms. 2012.


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